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Bryton Rider 40 T...

Bryton Rider 40 T ANT+ GPS Cycle Computer With Cadence & HR

…Designed to motivate you to reach, even surpass your goals.* Pre-loaded tons of features to get the most out of your training Innovative GPS Cycling Computer: * Support Training Peaks* Support power meter data reading* Multiple training modes to create your training plans* Combo sensor for indoor training*…

Our Price: $299.00

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Bryton Rider 50 T...

Bryton Rider 50 T ANT+ GPS Cycle Computer With Cadence & HR

…Australian Mapping Bryton Rider 50 is a GPS cycling computer designed for cyclists of all levels. You can personalize your preferred settings with 33 options of display information. Brytonsport.com provides you a cyclist's playground where you can share cycling and training results, join teams for games…

Our Price: $309.97

RRP: $499.00 Save 38%

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Bryton Rider 40 ES...

Bryton Rider 40 ES GPS ANT+ Cycle Computer

Bryton Rider 40 ES GPS ANT+ Cycle Computer * As a performance driven rider, Rider 40 is your best personal coach. Following training steps can be easier than ever. * With Rider 40 Pre-loaded workout programs and test workouts, your training can be systematic and smooth. * Rider 40 is the petite and…

Our Price: $193.58

RRP: $215.09 Save 10%
Garmin Edge 810 GPS...

Garmin Edge 810 GPS Performance Bundle Cycle Computer

…monitor * Speed/cadence sensor * Data card preloaded with TOPO Australia & New Zealand (maps on a preloaded data card cannot be copied or viewed on a computer) * USB cable * AC charger * Manual This Is Your Edge The touchscreen Edge 810 is designed for the cyclist who wants it all — navigation and advanced…

Our Price: $699.00

RRP: $849.95 Save 18%

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Garmin Edge 510 GPS...

Garmin Edge 510 GPS Performance Bundle Cycle Computer

…measure your heart rate², speed/cadence² and power³. The activity profiles feature allows you to customise data fields and device settings based on cycling activity, such as training or racing. Switch profiles with a simple swipe of the touchscreen and your device will be set up to show the data you need…

Our Price: $429.00

RRP: $499.95 Save 14%

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Elite Trainer Qubo...

Elite Trainer Qubo Digital

ANT encoded, electronically-adjusted magnetic roller controllable by control unit and wireless management. Guaranteeing control and performance, it keeps every moment of your training monitored and follows you in your progress * Magnetic resistance unit with wireless electronic adjustment by cycle-…

Our Price: $599.95

RRP: $629.95 Save 5%
Bryton Wireless...

Bryton Wireless Heart Rate Monitor

…are an invaluable tool when monitoring performance over a period of time. * The Bryton ANT+ Soft Heart Rate Band is compatible with all Bryton cycling computers and sports watches with the HRM function.

Our Price: $76.93

RRP: $79.95 Save 4%

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